More parking restrictions proposed in Heath

The HB Independents are concerned about draft parking restrictions which will displace parking from Heath Park Avenue, Heath Park Drive & Highfield Road into other local roads in Heath Ward and neighbouring Wards.  

These proposals come as a result of pressure from residents on the east side of the Ward to make their area Resident Only parking to protect it from parking by UHW staff.  A petition has been received by the Council to introduce a Resident Only scheme in this area, but it’s unable to implement such a request as it fails to comply with Council policy.

Instead, it has been suggested that a ‘trial’ of limited waiting restrictions from 7.30am to 10am each day, be introduced in several streets around Heath Park Avenue, to be reviewed after 18 months.  Residents wishing to use the scheme would have to apply for a resident parking permit from the Council, and they would be limited to 3 permits per property. It is proposed that there would be no charge for permits during the pilot scheme.

If the scheme is successful, it is suggested that it would proceed to be rolled out across the whole of Heath Ward.

Cllr Fenella Bowden said ‘I gave this proposed  ‘trial’ careful consideration  before giving my views to the Council in August.  There are serious issues at stake here including the lack of parity with those areas which have to pay for their Resident Only permits, and the displacement of parking to very narrow roads in the Ward.

Steve Bowden said ‘We have already had proposals put forward for an urban clearway in Heathwood Road which was condemned by residents, and an aborted scheme to introduce an urban clearway in roads north of Heathwood Road. We have put out 1000s of  streetletters about this ‘trial’ and responses from residents across the Ward, who would be affected negatively by it, have been a resounding NO’

Jane Reece  added ‘We don’t believe that residents in the ‘trial’ areas have fully understood the implications of what the local residents’ association are campaigning for and it is deeply regrettable that many of them signed a petition on this issue instead of commenting on the recent consultation on the Safety Scheme for Allensbank Road & Heath Park Avenue’.