UHW Access update

Following the Cardiff & Vale UHB’s recent announcement that it would be  making changes to access to UHW for vehicles, work has begun on site today, 15th August.

The physical works will entail changing priorities, road markings and new signage.  From 22nd August there will be works on the barriers which will be manually operated in the first instance.  It is expected that the works will be completed on 14th September 2016.

Fenella said ‘Residents accessing UHW will need to be prepared for some hold-ups initially.  The access from Rhydhelig Ave will continue to remain open, although there will be a barrier in operation there, and use of it will be assessed by the UHB.’

The road outside A&E will no longer be open and will only be accessible to buses & emergency vehicles.  There will be drop off points on either side of the area.

Fenella added ‘ There is a lot more work for the UHB  to do in relation to their management  proposals for the UHW site, and I remain unconvinced of their commitment to working in partnership with local councillors, residents, and the Council’.

We will be keeping you updated!