UHW Access Issues

Fenella met with UHW today to discuss access issues to the hospital that have been raised by residents.  All of these issues will be investigated and Fenella will post the UHW response.

Here are the issues that have been raised :

1 The Gabalfa Interchange is getting congested with cars waiting to access UHW from the A48.

2  Disabled drivers are unable to see if there are any disabled spaces available on the ground floor of the 2 storey car park as they are required to go up to the second floor before being able to come down to look for a space.

3  Why can’t the 2 storey car park have additional levels added to it?  Fenella has been told that the UHB have been prevented from doing this.  She is seeking clarification  on who made this decision.

4  Why aren’t UHW making use of the P&R at Pentwyn?               Fenella has been told that this is being discussed again within the UHB . More to come on this. 

5  Visitors to the site are being told that they cannot turn right towards the Dental Hospital from the Rhydhelig Ave entrance.   Fenella has been told that this is allowed.  Patients will not be able to access A&E from this direction, though.

6  Fenella has asked that the signage at the barrier on the approach from A48 be clear in terms of what to do in an emergency.  There will be an intercom system in place to ensure that any emergency can access A&E without circling the whole UHW site.

7  Why is there no bus information being made more readily available with appointment letters? While there is plenty of information on the UHB website, this is not likely to accessed by older people.  This needs attention.

8  Why are there no electronic indicators on the bus stops and ‘You are here’ signs?

9  Why has the bus shelter not been upgraded opposite A&E, and to include seating area?

Just so that you are aware, all security staff are now provided with body cameras.  There have been a number of incidents where individuals accessing the UHW site have been abusive to staff and these are likely to lead to prosecution.  Please be very careful.

If you have any concerns at all that you would like Fenella to raise, just get in touch.