Campaigning for site demolition

Fenella Bowden & the HBI team remain appalled by the lack of security around the derelict site alongside Phoenix Way & Caerphilly Road. In spite of recent, and poor, attempts to secure the site, access routes can clearly be seen.

This has been a long-standing problem for residents in Birchgrove, who are witnessing anti-social behaviour at this location on a daily basis. Reports of entry to the site by youngsters as young as 9 or 10yrs old is a huge concern as the sites are unsafe.

Fenella said ‘I have been battling with the Council and the landowners for years to get this site made safe & secure.  It’s in an appalling state with shattered glass, huge amounts of litter & flytipping, and daily anti-social behaviour.  I have challenged the Council to use its powers under the Town & Country Act s215 to force the landowners to demolish the site, secure it, and patrol it. But the Council is claiming it is a long process so is not bothering.  It’s shameful.’

Steve Bowden added ‘ This site is an eyesore.  We have tried to litterpick as much as we can, but we cannot be sure what we may find.  The Council refuses to help with the litter & flytipping, saying that the land is not adopted.  So just who is going to clear it?  We now appear to have some dumped cars on the unadopted road, too.’


This site is a PACT priority for Birchgrove.