Is Aldi coming to Birchgrove?

Cllr Fenella Bowden & the HBI team have been very concerned to hear that residents have been told by their Labour Councillor that Aldi is to open a store on Caerphilly Road on the currently derelict garage site.  It is also claimed that there is a new housing development planned behind it.

Fenella has checked this information with Cardiff Council who have confirmed that there are NO PLANS for these sites.  Informal, and confidential, early enquiries from a developer to locate a supermarket on the derelict garage site have been knocked on the head by Cardiff Council as there is no suitable access from Caerphilly Road to accommodate such a development.  There are also NO PLANS submitted for a housing development on the former Electrocoin site.

Fenella said ‘I am appalled that information like this is being shared in the public domain when there is no substance to the claims.  There would be huge ramifications for Caerphilly Road & the Phoenix Estate if a supermarket were to be allowed to develop in this location.  The access issues would be extremely difficult – especially with the new configuration of Caerphilly Road’.

Steve Bowden commented ‘The Labour Councillor first shared this ‘news’ at a PACT meeting in Heath last month.  Now it is being circulated across the entire Ward.  I think this is highly irresponsible, and will cause residents distress at the prospect of a supermarket at this location on Caerphilly Road. ‘

We shall be keeping residents informed.