Election Pledge 1. Putting People first in Heath & Birchgrove

Election Pledge 1

Fenella, Steve, & Jane believe that people should come before politics.

We have been successful in campaigning with our residents on issues such as :

  • opposing the closure of the Wedal Road HWRC site & forcing the Council to re-think its strategy that would mean our residents  needing to travel to Lamby Way;
  • campaigning for a 20mph zone in Birchgrove Road & re-instating the railings by the Birch Pub.  Both have been successful;
  • opposing the closure of our local libraries that would have had a huge negative impact on our residents & their children; and
  • Tackling the problems that the Caerphilly Road bus lane has caused, and continues to cause for local residents. The scheme has resulted in serious accidents & we have taken time to listen and act for our residents.

We work hard for our residents by consulting with them; listening to them; and hearing their concerns.  We are not tied to any party & are not bound by party politics.  We are here for the residents of Heath & Birchgrove.