Election Pledge 2 Campaigning for a Park & Ride in Cardiff North

Election Pledge 2 

Fenella, Steve & Jane will continue to campaign for Park  & Ride facilities in the north of Cardiff to reduce congestion & local parking problems.

We have always believed that there should be Park & Ride facilities in the north of Cardiff and were dismayed when the Labour Administration failed to include any provision for them in its Local Development Plan, and its Local Transport Plan.  This has been a grave omission.

Fenella said ‘ I have been making the case for a P & R in Cardiff North for years; and still there is nothing.  Residents in the Birchgrove area  are particularly  burdened with the traffic from the A469 & A470 coming through the Ward each day.  The volume of traffic has increased significantly over the past few years; public transport is not adequate to cope with the destinations of many motorists; and the bus lane has had a detrimental impact on the quality of life for those residents who live on Caerphilly Road’.

Steve added ‘As a former UHW employee, I know how hard it was for colleagues to travel to work by public transport.  It was simply impractical for many.  If we had a P&R facility in the north of the city, and which provided a secure place to leave a car & had a swift, affordable, & regular bus shuttle service to areas of high employment, then UHW staff would use it. ‘

Jane commented further ‘This has been a missed opportunity by the Council as it lacked the political will to get it done.  Their failure to work closely with UHW over the past 5 years is now evident.  More services have been moved into UHW making it increasingly difficult for staff. It is also regrettable that the Cabinet Members refused additional parking provision on the UHW site, and that a bus hub there has not become a reality’.

We shall continue to campaign for Park & Ride facilities in the north of Cardiff to bring relief to our local streets.