Election Pledge 3 To continue to campaign for better access for the disabled

Election Pledge 3. To continue to campaign for much better access to the city centre & locally for the disabled and less mobile, including transport.

Fenella, Steve, & Jane believe that there is much more to be done to enable those with disabilities to access both the local environment & the city centre.

Fenella said ‘Cardiff still has not got a bus station & its train stations are not easy to navigate as a disabled person. We at HBI understand that disability can manifest itself in many different ways – and some are not visible to the onlooker.  We need to ensure that residents are able to use public transport whether they are fully able, or not.  At the moment, we have buses not willing to take wheelchair passengers & actually refusing to assist a customer onto the bus. We have crowded trains which for many with a disability means not being able to use this form of transport’.

Steve added ‘At a time when the Council are looking towards achieving 50:50 modal shift, much more needs to be done to assist the most vulnerable to access public transport. Not every disabled person has access to a car’.

Jane commented ‘As a mobility scooter user, and with a husband who uses a wheelchair, I am finding it increasingly difficult to use pavements.  They are either so badly damaged & in need of repair, or they are blocked by parked cars; and this is an every day occurrence both locally & in the city centre.’

We shall continue to campaign for better access facilities for disabled people & those with mobility problems, and use every opportunity we can to highlight the problems – and get solutions.