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Election Pledge 2 Campaigning for a Park & Ride in Cardiff North

Election Pledge 2 

Fenella, Steve & Jane will continue to campaign for Park  & Ride facilities in the north of Cardiff to reduce congestion & local parking problems.

We have always believed that there should be Park & Ride facilities in the north of Cardiff and were dismayed when the Labour Administration failed to include any provision for them in its Local Development Plan, and its Local Transport Plan.  This has been a grave omission.

Fenella said ‘ I have been making the case for a P & R in Cardiff North for years; and still there is nothing.  Residents in the Birchgrove area  are particularly  burdened with the traffic from the A469 & A470 coming through the Ward each day.  The volume of traffic has increased significantly over the past few years; public transport is not adequate to cope with the destinations of many motorists; and the bus lane has had a detrimental impact on the quality of life for those residents who live on Caerphilly Road’.

Steve added ‘As a former UHW employee, I know how hard it was for colleagues to travel to work by public transport.  It was simply impractical for many.  If we had a P&R facility in the north of the city, and which provided a secure place to leave a car & had a swift, affordable, & regular bus shuttle service to areas of high employment, then UHW staff would use it. ‘

Jane commented further ‘This has been a missed opportunity by the Council as it lacked the political will to get it done.  Their failure to work closely with UHW over the past 5 years is now evident.  More services have been moved into UHW making it increasingly difficult for staff. It is also regrettable that the Cabinet Members refused additional parking provision on the UHW site, and that a bus hub there has not become a reality’.

We shall continue to campaign for Park & Ride facilities in the north of Cardiff to bring relief to our local streets. 

Election Pledge 1. Putting People first in Heath & Birchgrove

Election Pledge 1

Fenella, Steve, & Jane believe that people should come before politics.

We have been successful in campaigning with our residents on issues such as :

  • opposing the closure of the Wedal Road HWRC site & forcing the Council to re-think its strategy that would mean our residents  needing to travel to Lamby Way;
  • campaigning for a 20mph zone in Birchgrove Road & re-instating the railings by the Birch Pub.  Both have been successful;
  • opposing the closure of our local libraries that would have had a huge negative impact on our residents & their children; and
  • Tackling the problems that the Caerphilly Road bus lane has caused, and continues to cause for local residents. The scheme has resulted in serious accidents & we have taken time to listen and act for our residents.

We work hard for our residents by consulting with them; listening to them; and hearing their concerns.  We are not tied to any party & are not bound by party politics.  We are here for the residents of Heath & Birchgrove. 

Our election pledges for Heath & Birchgrrove

We are delighted to publish our election pledges for the residents of Heath & Birchgrove.

1. Putting people before politics

2. To continue our campaign for Park & Ride facilities in the north of Cardiff to reduce congestion & local parking problems

3. To continue to campaign for much better access to the city centre & locally for the disabled and less mobile, including transport

4. To campaign for a better balance between investment in the city centre and the suburbs including parks & highway infrastructure

5. To continue to support the need for more investment in schools & improved education outcomes for young people in Cardiff

6. To continue our active support for the residents within Heath & Birchgrove in what ever way we can.

You can see read our leaflet here:

HBI pledges 2017

Working with local residents!

It has been a privilege to serve the residents across Heath & Birchgrove over the past 9 years, including these amazing residents for whom Fenella has worked hard to get improvements to their housing complex.

Fenella said ‘It has been an absolute joy to work with residents and to see what can be done by representing their needs & achieving results for them.

In this particular instance, I worked with the residents over a period of some 4 years to get improvements to their housing complex including : new windows; new fascias; new disabled-friendly external doors; new heating; new bathrooms; and, soon to come, new carpets.  The determination of these residents was phenomenal and the outcome was a tribute to hard work & perseverance.’



New Inn Licensing Review – Outcome

The review of the license for the New Inn was heard by the Council’s Licensing Committee today during which Fenella made representations on behalf of local residents.

The Decision of the Licensing Committee was that the licence for the New Inn would remain unchanged. The Committee accepted that there have been problems with the New Inn historically, but acknowledged the appointment of a new Licensee and the more robust style of management. Punch Taverns were reminded by the Chair of Licensing that they must liaise with local residents and commented also that the Committee take note of all Reviews.

This has always been a sensitive application for Review, but local residents used this opportunity to  come together as a local community &  to make their voices heard. This has been very important as it has caused Punch Taverns to make changes to their original planning proposals for the New Inn; and to them understanding the need to work with local residents. The lawyer for Punch Taverns apologised unreservedly for the mistakes that were made with the planning application that was made at the end of last year. He also made it clear that the Review of the Licence had prompted Punch Taverns to improve the way in which the pub would be managed.

We shall, of course, continue to support local residents to the best of our ability.

Lane clearances are coming!

We have been campaigning for lanes in our Ward to be thoroughly cleansed to remove flytipping, litter, and dog poo bags.

Fenella said ‘The lanes between Cae Gwyn Road & Kyle Crescent, and between Pantbach Road & Grove Place are in a dreadful state.   We have tried our best to litterpick as much as we can with local residents but the scale of the problem is too big now’.

The lanes will now be thoroughly cleansed by Cardiff Council & the mulch-type debris on the pathways will be removed.  We shall also be getting a bin in Grove Place to stop the litter building up and to  enable dog walkers to dispose of any dog poo bags safely rather than dumping them in the lanes, or decorating trees with them.



20 mph zone coming to Birchgrove Road!

Cllr Fenella Bowden & the Independent team are pleased that the 20mph zone has finally been installed  Birchgrove Road – almost 12 months after being approved.

Fenella said ‘We have been campaigning for this scheme for years & the Council has continuously refused to support one.  In  November 2016, I was told by the Cabinet Member for Highways that the road did not justify a scheme. But whatever the motive behind the change of heart, I am delighted that children will gain more safeguarding in this  busy road. The scheme is not as all-encompassing as that which was installed for Ton yr Ywen School, but it is a start. Now we need to see how effective the scheme is.’


The HBI team has campaigned hard to make the Birchgrove area safe.

What have been Fenella’s achievements over the past 5 years?

Fenella was recently asked to complete a survey for which asked her about the changes in Heath Ward over the past 5 years, & what she regarded as her 3 main achievements.  Here is what she said:

Councillor Survey: Fenella Bowden

What are the biggest changes in your ward over the last 5 years?

A significant increase in traffic coming through the Ward; the increase in UHW parking around Heath & the increase in the number of services being brought into UHW; less cleansing of the roads; less maintenance of roads & pavements; changes to the sizes of black bins & reduced collection of both black & green bins; more fly-tipping & litter; increased pressure for school places for local children; lack of investment in Heath Park; the planned closure of Wedal Road HWRC; the installation of more bus lanes which have caused even more problems; and councillors now being more accessible to their residents through social media.

Describe three achievements that you were instrumental in implementing and that benefited the community.

Working with residents to oppose the opening of a Tesco store on the former Majestic site in Birchgrove Road.

Working with volunteers to enable the transfer of the Maes y Coed Community Centre from Council ownership into the voluntary sector under Community Asset Transfer. The journey began in 2010 & was finally completed in 2016.

Resolving issues which mattered to residents whether they be large or small. These include supporting residents with: social housing problems ; social services needs; school admissions; getting waste management issues resolved; highways problems; parking problems; fighting to keep Wedal Road HWRC open; campaigning for a Park & Ride in Cardiff North; campaigning for a 20mph zone in Birchgrove Road (and to have the railings restored); calling for better security for the derelict site on Caerphilly Road to be demolished & secured; and simply being available to help wherever I can.

Parking restrictions coming to Heathmead

We are delighted to hear that Cardiff Council is finally to install a scheme to protect non-residents abusing the parking spaces within the sheltered housing area of Heathmead. This has lead to residents & their visitors/carers being unable to park near their homes.

Fenella said ‘This issue was brought to my attention by Jane Reece and I am pleased that the Council has taken action to address the problem.’

The scheme will involve CCTV cameras; new formal signage; and a ‘parking permit’ type scheme which the Warden will organise for residents. to work alongside the Council scheme.  The scheme will be trialled for 6 months and if problems persist, the the problem will be revisited.

Jane Reece said ‘This is going to make such a difference to parking in Heathmead & I shall be monitoring it very closely, and getting feedback from local residents’.


Our visit to Lamby Way!

Fenella & Steve Bowden paid a visit to Lamby Way recently and this is what they found:

  • Inadequate signage
  • Too few parking spaces
  • No platform to enable residents to access the skips easily
  • No organisation of the skips
  • Very few officers to assist
  • No support for disabled visitors.

Fenella said ‘I was absolutely stunned at the lack of provision at Lamby Way.  There are no adequate words to describe the lack of facilities at the site, and it certainly is a very, very long way from being able to cope with the ‘traffic’ from Wedal Road. It was shocking.’

Steve added ‘If you don’t know your way to the Lamby Way site, don’t expect the signage to help – it isn’t there!  Once at the site, there is no organisation, and once the queues build up, these will be stretching out onto the Highway causing congestion. Wedal Road is so much more organised & efficient. ‘