The next meeting of PACT will be on Monday 17th May, 7.15pm at the Maes y coed Community Centre, Jubliee Gardens.

Come along and meet your local policing team and hear what they have been doing in our Ward over the past 2 months.  This is an opportunity to share any concerns that residents may have and to help decide upon the PACT priorities.

Fenella will be there too to update residents on the concerns that have been raised with her at PACT  & within the Ward.

Local community celebrate VE Day

Local residents in St Aidan Crescent and St Alban Avenue joined up to celebrate VE Day on Saturday. Amidst bunting and flags, residents dressed up in 1940s style fashion and enjoyed the lovely sunshine. Children’s games, a busy bbq, and great community spirit was all packed in too. Visits from HTV, Sky News, and the Echo were greeted with enthusiasm and residents shared their personal stories along with children explaining why this celebration was important.

Fenella said ‘A fantastic day. Community spirit is alive and well in Heath.  We were very touched to have been invited to share their day’.

Maes y coed zebra crossing

Pedestrians using the zebra crossing in Maes y Coed Road are still reporting regular near misses involving vehicle which fail to stop to allow them to cross.  Fenella said ‘This has been a problem for a very long time and I was the only councillor who asked for the level of the crossing to be heightened to slow the traffic down at this much used crossing.  With children using this route to school, and pedestrians accessing shops and the station, it is a hazard’.

Fenella has asked the Council to consider heightening the level of the crossing at the same time as even more traffic calming measures are having to be installed in the area around Ton Yr Ywen School to increase the safety of children.  Safety has to be paramout.

PCSO Becky Evans patrolling school crossings


PCSO Becky Evans on duty in Birchgrove

We are delighted to welcome PCSO Becky Evans to Heath Ward.  Newly qualified as a PCSO, she is already making an impact in the vicinity of Birchgrove School on the hazardous and dangerous parking that has been a problem for a long time.  She has made several helpful suggestions that Fenella will be pursuing with the Council and the school.  Fenella said ‘It is a pleasure to welcome Becky into Heath Ward.  I know that she will be a great asset to us and we look forward to working with her on local issues’.


What goes on at PACT meetings?

PACT meetings are an opportunity for the Community to have their say on what matters the most to them in their area. You are helping us paint an accurate picture of what is really happening locally. The problems encountered are discussed and solutions explored. From the issues raised at the meeting and those brought to the meeting by your Neighbourhood Officer we decide on up to three priorities.

What are PACT priorities?

PACT priorities are problems that we try to solve in partnership in a set time. We work with different agencies and come back at the next meeting with the work we all did to try and solve them. Very often it is mixture of Police, Local Authority, private sector, volunteer sectors and the community that solve these problems. They can only be finalised by you.

Our next PACT meeting is 18 May 2015 at Community Centre in Jubilee Gardens, off Maes y Coed Road.

Current priority : Tackling underage drinking or youth annoyance (alcohol related) in Caerphilly Road/Birchgrove area.